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MacKenzie & MacKenzie Consulting Inc.

Specializing in data architecture, applications, and business intelligence since 2000. (dba. BillZone Systems)

Data Architecture

With 20 years of experience in database and warehouse design, you can be sure of success.


Sean has designed dozens of mission-critical systems in government and private enterprises since 1998.


Build reports on a variety of technologies and platforms, from Power BI and SSRS to MS Access or even MS Excel.


SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, Python, VB.Net, ADO.Net, Asp.Net, VBA/MS Access, SSRS, Crystal Reports, Power BI, TSQL, PL/SQL, pgSQL


MacKenzie & MacKenzie has been serving up superior data solutions across Canada since 2000. It is now primarily run by Sean MacKenzie, who advised and built mission-critical solutions for over 35 government and private companies across Canada and the United States. These include hospitals (7), health authorities (6), manufacturers & ERP (6), aerospace manufacturers (3), insurance companies (3) crown corporations (2). He is known for highly innovative process and technical designs, some of which qualified him for national research and development programs. Over the years the company undertook several internal projects, including the BillZone project.

What we do

Understand the problem

First, we seek to understand the problem or opportunity. It is important for us to listen with an intent to really understand where you're going.

Leverage existing investment in technology

The second step is to understand the existing investment in technology. This step is critical to create the perfect integration.

Create a practical solution

Create a solution that fits the problem or opportunity, in concert with existing technologies and integrations.

Latest News




We moved!

We recently moved to a new location at 701 West Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver.




We're hiring.

Seeking a part-time executive/personal assistant to help with many tasks in the business. 16-20 hours per week. If you're super organized and like a challenge, send your resume in PDF to the email address above.




BillZone goes offline.

After more than 10 years of continuous service, our venerable BillZone Systems project finally wrapped up and all systems were taken offline.

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